• Any genres: platformers, runners, racing, puzzle games, etc. 2d and 3d.

  • Cross-platform development, compilation under Android/IOS, consoles, browser, social platforms, etc.

  • Excellent knowledge of UNITY (interface, Prefaby, Leveldizajn 2d and 3d, work with light, camera, materials, particle systems).

  • I write scripts on C#. Good algorithmic and mathematical skills. Knowledge of OOP and basic patterns of design (singletons, finite state machines, etc.). Lists, dictionaries, lambdas, delegates, attributes, static concepts, serialization, and so on. Has passed courses from ITVDN + 6 years of education on a speciality.

  • Knowledge of all the standard classes and components of Unity. Knowledge of a large number of assets and plugins.

  • Introduction of special effects: fire, explosions, lasers, smoke, magic, volumetric light, clouds, waterfalls, fog…

  • Multiplayer (on UNET). Sockets, Rest API.

  • PlayFab
  • Custom launcher for Standalone.


  • Good knowledge of 3DS Max. Understanding of 3d-models: From what consist, as textured, Normalmaps, AO, spekuljary and other; As imported into units, UV-mapping, animation, character rigging and skinning (both Biped and custom rig of bones and IK-solvers). Retopology and sculpting in 3d-Coat

  • Ability to read and understand shaders (HLSL/CGFX, Shaderlab) and make small changes. Nodovyj Editor Shaderforge. Passed the course from CG-Ninjas

  • New Ugui interface, adaptive rubber layout skills

  • Knowledge of the built-in navigation system NavMesh

  • Working with the new Animator animations system

  • Understanding the work of physics in Unity 5 and how to interact with it. Rigidbody and Character Controller, rjejkasting and other

  • I have an idea about voxel schedule and procedural generation of the world (algorithms of the type “cellular automaton”, “Walking Squares”)

  • Voice acting, mixing sounds with standard means.

  • Latest Unity 5 Technologies: Global lighting, reflection probes and more

  • Optimizing the game for weak machines and mobile platforms.

  • Virtual reality, VR

    • Oculus Rift

    • Google Cardboard

    • Samsung Gear VR

    • Microsoft Hololens

  • Working with 360-Video

  • Augmented reality, AR

    • Vuforia

    • Kudan (Use for SLAM (markerless binding))

  • Work with Leap Motion (hand and finger tracking system using a special sensor)

  • Visage SDK (computer vision system for detecting faces in a frame based on OpenCV)

  • Integration of third-party plug-ins and SDK into the project.

  • Embedding Analytics (from Unity or Google)

  • Monetization, inappy, shop

  • Publish to Google Play, App Store, Amazon, Steam.

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The collection is constantly replenished, keep an eye on updates.

  • Training and online Training (webinars) on game development and 3d-graphics. Individual and group lessons.

  • Design (passed the course from Wargaming)

Development of Nongame cross-platform applications (clients to sites, etc.) on Unity. At the moment this engine is on the 3rd place in the world in popularity among developers of mobile applications. The interface is not native.

What I do not do:

  • 2d-Drawing, sketching, painting, vector art, etc.

  • Animation

  • Motion Capture (no such equipment), processing of raw mocap-data

  • Rendering layouts

  • Website layout

  • Simulation of liquids, gases, physical interactions

  • Video processing and editing

  • Native mobile Apps