Work experience (en)

First learned 3DS Max. Also, as a student-programmer, tried to write simple toys for Blitz Basic and Game Maker.
Changed the following places of work:

  • Department of Technical Mechanics, tvgtu. 3d Modeler. Creation of virtual Laboratory stands for Students ' training.

  • NGO "Rusbiteh"-The Artist-Modeler 3d-graphics. Construction of models of military equipment on the drawings for exerciser, with subsequent integration into the engine Unigine

  • Twin3d-3d-scanning and printing, recreating and coloring models of people by photo (used 3d-Coat)

  • Training Center "Computer"-teaching students the basics of computer graphics, it was only 1 summer. Also spent several lessons in CA "Vista"

  • Real-Eye is a startup based on augmented reality technologies.

Also published and successfully sold some 3d models on Turbosquid.
After graduating from the institute I decided to continue my development. I pulled C# and mastered the game engine of Unity (at the official course of video lessons).
Engaged in freelancing in the field of, took private orders. Of the most significant:

  • Creation of VR-application under Google Cardboard for VR-Corp (Novosibirsk).

  • Visualization of the cottage.

  • Create a pair game for the studio of developing children's games Indigo kids.

  • Cooperation with Trivia LLC, a division of Celebrity Apps.

At the same time wrote own games for the sake of pumping skill (eg, Snake new'n'tasty). Performed many different test tasks for different studios (partially laid out in the menu)
Also passed online courses on shaders and GEJMDIZAJNU, and revised tons of videos and documentation on C# and Unity.

  • Taught on Saturdays at the Moscow School of computer animation Makedream course "programming video games on Unity".

  • Work in the Office of Wild Labs (creators of Hit King of Dirt (simulator BMX for mobile with more than 3 million downloads)). Work on the project Rider MX (physically realistic cross-road on motorbikes and ATV) as a programmer of game mechanics.

  • Cooperation with Raduga design (development under Samsung Gear VR and in Doprile). Just put the producer's feedback here:

  • Co-operation (remote) with Fox3d (Tallinn, Estonia) at lead Developer position


  • From February 2018 I will teach in Realtime School, the course "Fundamentals of development on Unity"