Cottage Visualisation

Walk around the Cottage

Fulfillment of the order on visualization of the cottage for the Ukrainian developer.

The customer threw me a file with the geometry and textures of the house and asked to make an interactive walk.

What did:

  • Walking from 1 person (as in shooters)-You can walk, run (with Shiftom), jump (space).

  • An overview of the building outside of 3 faces.

  • Adjusted collisions (for example, it is possible to lestice up)

  • Plants-billboards-always rotated to the camera

  • Mirrors on the walls with reflection

  • Adjusted materials (fence with transparency, shiny parquet, transparent glass)

  • Placed about 60 light sources throughout the house and zapjoked the lighting maps.

  • You can clean the furniture.

  • Control by using the buttons on the side UI panel.