Rocket Battle (Multiplayer) (en)

Game Rockets Battle uses the network communication model over the IPX protocol. You can play on a local network. How to test on one computer:

  • Run one copy

  • Click New

  • Run one more copy

  • Disable music (M key)-to not blocked already playing in the first window

  • Click "Connect" (leave the default settings)

  • Play!


  • Up ARROW-Fly forward

  • Left-right-rotate

  • Space Bar-Shoot

  • M-On/off music

  • ESC-Leave the game

  • Enter-Chat

First aid kits replenish health. In the corner of the radar. Implemented Chat (press ENTER, enter a message, press ENTER again). Cheat Code of Health: in the chat enter "Healing" and press the END key.

(I made this game in the Institute as a term work on the discipline "computer networks")